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With decades of experience in setting up SPAs and developing my own massage techniques, I am an expert for tailor-made solutions in the area of wellness & SPA. My solutions meet the needs and expectations of hotel guests as well as you as the hotel manager. Through my extensive experience in employee training and management, I help motivate and qualify spa staff to provide superior service.

My offer for you is extremely diverse and covers different areas.
Below you can see in which areas I would be happy to work for you and can support you.


Since every hotel is unique, I recommend contacting you personally to discuss your tailor-made offer and to optimally match my skills to your needs.

Benefit from my many years of experience and my proven ability to inspire both guests and employees and thus continue to lead your hotel and SPA to success.


In all of my offers, be it consulting, training or as a guest therapist, I apply my 360 degree view, which extends to all areas of your hotel. In this way, I contribute to optimizing and strengthening your hotel as a whole.

Temporary SPA manager

If you need support in the SPA area, be it because you have not had a tour yet or your spa manager is not available for a certain period of time, I would be happy to provide a temporary bridging. During this time, I am happy to bring in my many years of experience and am willing to bring in new ideas to make your spa even more successful.

Personal Recruting

I offer support in the selection of SPA employees to ensure that you put together the best possible team for your SPA and 

can also show you ways in which you can effectively find new SPA employees to strengthen your team. 

Quality Checks - Mystery Checks

As an external consultant, I have a fresh look at your hotel and spa. 

This allows me to take the perspective of your guests and employees. Through a mystery quality check I can provide valuable information to make quality improvements. 

Hotel's own signature treatment

I will develop a unique massage exclusively for your hotel that is only available at your hotel.

This will not only reflect the skills of your therapist team, but also take into account the specifics of your region.

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