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Team - Trainings

The special thing about my training courses is that your SPA employees will see me as a colleague because I work in the cabins myself and have direct contact with the guests and understand their work.

This gives me better access to the employees to impart not only practical knowledge, but also an understanding of the economic aspects of the SPA. 


Through my empowering feedback culture, I create a positive learning environment for your team.



Special massage training for
Your SPA team

My massage training courses go far beyond teaching techniques and skills. I know from my own experience that every massage treatment is an opportunity to create authentic and unforgettable moments for our guests.

In the training, I focus on enabling employees to not only master handles and techniques, but also to create real connections with their customers.

I believe that a massage can be more than just a physical treatment - it can be a source of relaxation, confidence and renewal.


A selection of massage training courses:

Lomi Lomi Nui massage, Ayurveda therapies, signature treatments by SpaHerz and much more.


Further training and workshops in the area of fitness & Relaxation & Infusion offers

For SPA employees who would like to get involved in the area of exercise and relaxation offers for hotel guests.

This not only relieves the burden on the SPA massage therapists, but also increases employee satisfaction
-retention by giving them more diverse development opportunities. 

In my workshops I offer, among other things, training in the areas of aqua gymnastics, morning sports, yoga sessions for beginners, holistic and Far Eastern movement and relaxation exercises and sauna infusions.


Tailor-made training for your unique SPA team!

Every team has different skills and needs.

That's why I design individual training programs.

My goal is to empower and inspire your SPA team.

In order to explore the variety of my tailor-made training offers, I recommend a personal conversation.

Contact me today to discuss your specific requirements and find the optimal training approach for your team.


All massage training courses include

The art of mindfulness


Your employees learn to concentrate fully on the moment and to create an atmosphere of trust and calm.

Empathy and customer focus


The language of touch


I teach how touch can be used as a communication tool to understand your guests' needs and preferences.

I place a high value on empathy training to ensure your guests feel heard and understood


Get in touch, non-binding and free!

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