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My massage offers

Welcome to my massage offer! For me, the focus is not only on the art of relaxation, but also on the variety of places where you can experience it.
I offer my first-class treatments at various locations.


On the one hand, I regularly work as a guest therapist in selected hotels in order to offer guests a special massage experience.

In Mallorca you can find me in Casa Hermanas, where I have created an oasis of peace and relaxation.


I also offer mobile massages so you can enjoy relaxation in the comfort of your own home or at a location of your choice.


Whether you are looking for a relaxing wellness break in a hotel, a relaxing time at Casa Hermanas or a personalized mobile massage, I look forward to offering you an unforgettable experience wherever you are.

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Nian Massage

The Nian Massage was specially developed by me and combines the best massage styles from around the world. Singing bowls, hot stones, excerpts from yoga & Ayurveda philosophy and flowing, relaxed massage techniques from the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage are used and take you into a relaxed and at the same time energized state.
This massage cannot be described in words, you should experience it!

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Chill Out Massage

During the Chill Out Massage it was important to me to use the energies of the elements light, air, water and earth. These elements are reflected in the specially compiled music and the corresponding massage styles from the Far East. The massage is performed to the rhythm of gentle beats and spherical sounds. You feel completely relaxed and revitalized. Awarded “Best Signature Treatment of Germany”!

Signature Treatments

Classic massages

As a naturopath in the field of physiotherapy, I can issue private prescriptions for classic physical treatments.
If you have private insurance, you have the option of billing these treatments through your health insurance company.
If you have any questions about billing or treatment, I will be happy to help.

Shoulder massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

Aloha! The Lomi Lomi massage is a pampering program for all the senses and is considered a healing treatment in Hawaii.
It is one of my favorite massages! It was primarily carried out during the transition into new phases of life in order to make it easier. The massage is therefore particularly recommended for future changes, wishes, birthdays or before a wedding.
Fragrant, warm oil, Hawaiian rhythms and handles,
which flow through the entire body from head to toe like gentle waves, as well as mobilization and stretching of the joints are reminiscent of the light and joyful movements of the Hula dance.
I accompany this massage authentically with Hawaiian rituals, Hawaiian music and my singing.

Relaxing massage

Abhyanga Massage

The Abhyanga full body massage with warm, natural herbal oil is not only the epitome of enjoyable relaxation. It even strengthens the immune system and has a cleansing and liberating effect. If you wish, Nicole Praß-Anton will introduce you to the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of doshas (life energies) at the beginning of the treatment.

Foot massage

Ayurvedic head, face and foot massage

The combined Ayurveda massage is an intensive experience for mentally “letting go” in order to come into harmony with yourself.


Stress, tension, headaches, nervousness and sleep disorders are signs of an imbalance in our body between above (mind/head) and below (matter/feet).


Feel how your thoughts calm down and how your mind and body come back into inner harmony and balance by touching your main energy centers.

and many more...


Thai Shiatsu massage

With the Thai Shiatsu massage, I combine the energetic, holistic Japanese form of gentle acupressure with the use of stretching and mobilization of the muscles and joints derived from Thai yoga massage. This combination is gentler and more individual than the classic Thai massage and thus combines different therapeutic approaches.

This relaxing and effective complementary therapy strengthens the flow of your life energy. It improves your body awareness, supports your self-healing powers and change processes.


Balance Massage

Balancing full-body massage with warming grape seed bags.
Allows you to find lost strength and energy.
This massage has a regenerating effect if you are exhausted, tired or burnout.


This balancing full-body massage with warm grape seed bags combines even, repeating massage elements. Vinoble's Balance Massage is particularly suitable for you if you want to regenerate and strengthen your immune system. Stress-related tensions or cramps are released. This achieves more inner serenity. The aim of this massage is to release happiness hormones and increase energy. The balance massage from Vinoble works externally and internally when stressed, because it can eliminate noticeable disharmonies in the musculoskeletal system and at the same time strengthen mental well-being. 

Pouring massage oil

Vinoble Cosmetic treatments

Vinoble's innovative treatment concepts are based on Traditional European Medicine (TEM) with a focus on vinotherapy.

Vinoble  has prepared this ancient knowledge according to modern findings. This is how a unique treatment concept for the face and body was created using our best ingredients and most exclusive essences.

Vinoble cosmetic treatments

Shoulder massage

Pure facial treatment

pure - the unique line for sensitive and sensitive skin, which combines COSMOS-certified natural cosmetics with high concentrations of active ingredients. The
High effectiveness is achieved through the use of vegan plant stem cells and extracts. Vinoble pure also gives sensitive skin with special requirements what it really needs to look healthy and naturally beautiful. 

That's what my customers say

"If anyone can see with their hands, it's you, Nicole. Each of your treatments and yoga sessions have touched me deeply. This is not a "treatment" - it's a gift! For which I am simply always grateful . It's nice that you and your gift exist."

Bettina Voss, customer

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